What is the Resource Advantage Platform?

The Resource Advantage Platform (RAP) provides the tools needed to help answer critical questions for those working in the wider built environment sector. Tools will be introduced over the course of several years. The first to be launched is a global operations and maintenance (O&M) benchmarking tool for the North American region, followed by Asia and the European Union.

What does the tool do?

RAP’s new benchmarking tool specifically examines operations and maintenance benchmarks globally. The four areas examined are: maintenance, janitorial, sustainability and utilities. The tool gives users the opportunity to purchase benchmarks for all areas or selected areas within a specific region or globally. This tool allows users to analyze the data via benchmarks selected.
All reports include a demographic profile of the buildings included in the sample, including average: rentable square feet, gross square feet, facility age, operating days per week, and hours per day. Occupant information provided (average number of occupants, GSF per occupant, and RSF per occupant).

What are the benefits of using the tool?

This tool provides:

Does this tool allow for a deep dive into the static report or only the level of assessment exhibited by the static report?

Reports are customizable:

Interested in participating in future benchmark studies?

IFMA/RBI is seeking data for current and future operations and maintenance benchmark studies. Currently, we have ongoing or planned O&M benchmark studies relating to:
All projects involve subject matter experts, facility management consultants and academic oversight. There are more than 30 industries involved within each study and the number is increasing with each update. Individuals who contribute data to the study receive a copy of the full report for the region the data was contributed. Data contributed needs to answer a minimum of 85 percent of the questions to qualify.

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How do I use the system?

We have prepared simple tutorial videos to help you the RAP!

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